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Productivity in Construction Industry is Declining — Here’s How Mobile Can Help [Infographic]

Productivity in the Construction Industry Is Declining — Here’s How Mobile Can Help [Infographic]

With Productivity Growth Slowing, Construction Needs Industry-Wide Commitment to Mobile

Okay, quick: Let’s play a game of “would you rather.”

First, would you rather send messages with carrier pigeons and smoke signals, or communicate with top-of-the-line modern-day equipment?

Maybe that was too easy. Try this one instead: Would you rather manage projects through technology that has quickly become antiquated on the project site, such as short-wave radio and information that exists only on a localized hard drive at headquarters, or engage team members with a full suite of field services that keep them updated to the minute on the cloud?

We admit, we’re leading the witness here. The choice is clear, right? And if not, how about one last question: Would you rather maximize your productivity to the utmost, or call it “good enough” and hope still to build a competitive name with clients and industry partners?

The data behind these answers, and more, can be found in our new infographic, “How Mobile is Solving Construction’s Productivity Crisis,” which dives deeps into the industry’s problems with efficiency and how mobile technology can help improve productivity in the construction industry.

Welcome to the Mobile Century

This millennium has so far gone by many names, but it could just as easily be called the Mobile Century. In the last two decades, mobile technology has advanced so rapidly that it’s almost impossible now to imagine life without a cell phone or tablet at the ready.

Despite this, many businesses are having trouble advancing along with technology, and as a result, productivity is suffering. Too many companies look behind at a freshly completed project, only to realize that something major needs to be redone because they weren’t getting real time updates on project changes.

Consider this hypothetical yet all-too-common example: “Wait — we poured the wrong strength of concrete? But I published the updated plans specifying the new PSI two days ago! And by ‘published,’ I mean I personally handed the forming contractor the newly printed ITC and taped another copy to the field set.”

This is just one of many anecdotes that demonstrates the problems with failing to advance along with the digital revolution.

Immobile Technology = Immobile You

Of course, there are many other drawbacks as well. In addition to communication problems, failing to keep team members updated in real time causes:

  • Inefficiency
  • Waste of resources
  • Poor ROI
  • Overspending
  • Missed deadlines
  • Costly rework
  • Upset clients
  • Environmental harm

While the statistic sounds staggering, a full 98 percent of megaprojects become delayed or go over budget. What we need – we the industry as a whole – is a unified plan to ensure we increase productivity in the construction industry, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency at every step of a project.

The Answer to Improve Productivity in the Construction Industry Is at Your Fingertips

Just as modern construction equipment lets you finish the work better and faster, mobile technology enables teams to complete work in a timely, efficient manner. In the end, this saves projects from overspending and overuse of natural resources, not to mention the uncomfortable prospect of having to return to a client or board and report timeline or budget failures.

Those who hold back have an understandable reason: Implementing change is difficult and can feel expensive, but only when you fail to compare it to the misuse of hours and resources that routinely occurs on construction sites.

So let’s have one last round: Would you rather read on and learn about how mobile can enhance your business immediately, improving your good name and your bottom line, or continue to go with what you know and risk falling behind your competitors forever?

We’re guessing we know your answer, but just in case, here’s more data to help. To learn more about how mobile technology is helping to improve productivity in the construction industry, read (and share) our latest construction infographic:

productivity in construction - infographic

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