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PlanGrid’s 4th Annual Axe Contest is Now Open for Photo Submissions

PlanGrid’s 4th Annual Axe Contest is Now Open for Photo Submissions

As many PlanGrid customers know, each year we run a photo contest to celebrate the craftsmanship behind our industry. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our 4th Annual Axe Contest is now open with the theme, “Show Us Your Craft”, where we give away awesome high-quality Best Made Company® axes and hatchets for the best photo submissions. If you haven’t participated in past years, our annual photo submission contest is designed to recognize the stories in our industry that are shaping communities and skylines around the world.

Since the start of modern construction, infamous photos like “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” have driven a public fascination on how and who has built many of our iconic structures. Today, people are so used to seeing construction in our daily lives, from towering cranes, innovative building structures, and to the actual boots on the ground doing the physically demanding work for the office’s we now sit in. Regardless of the abundance of construction in our lives, the work it takes to produce such feats is nothing short of incredible—and we want to share these stories of project creation with the help of imagery.  

With our contest, we hope to tell today’s stories behind astonishing works of engineering and construction, as well as the people who make it happen. Our contest also gives us an opportunity to recognize industry professionals for making building plans a reality with the help of construction productivity software. Whether it’s capturing the physical building materials themselves, people on a jobsite, or the actual finished project, show us your craft at all stages of a project, from plan to completion.

Contest Categories  

This year, we’re excited to introduce three new categories for our Axe contest for your photo submissions:

  • Picture Perfect – Show off your latest finished project. Submissions to this category include new and innovative designs stunningly executed.
  • Hidden Beauty – Much of the work behind construction is hidden in the final project. Submissions in this category capture those details — before they are covered up.  
  • Day in the Life – Nothing gets built without teamwork. Submissions to this category highlight the collaboration and camaraderie that exists on teams.


Like in past years, we have another round of fantastic prizes to honor our very best submissions. This year, there will be a total of 9 winners, 3 in each category. First place winners in each category will receive a Best Made Company® Axe. Second and third place winners in each category will receive hatchets.

  • 1st place: Axe
  • 2nd place: Hatchet
  • 3rd place: Hatchet

How to Enter

The contest is now closed. To see the winning photo submissions, click here.

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