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Top 10 Construction Nightmares and Tips to Avoid Them [Lookbook]

Tower of Terrors: Top 10 Construction Nightmares and Tips to Avoid Them [SlideShare]

How To Face (and Slay) the Monsters Lurking In Your Next Project

The real monsters that lurk in the mysterious fog of a complex construction process are not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s a lingering project that continues to haunt us long after we think it’s dead, working with a client committed to a psychopathic level of micromanagement, or making a terrifying discovery on a site that chills us to the bone and makes us want to flee for our lives, construction professionals often have to fight one monster after the next to save their project. Each new chapter that unfolds can start to feel a lot like deja vu, as many of the construction nightmares that face the industry are commonly widespread.

To prevent your blood from curdling, and to get in the spirit of Halloween, we’ve highlighted some of the most common construction nightmares that happen on jobsites year round and provide you with tips to help make your next project less of a beast. View (and share if you dare) our SlideShare guide to the Top 10 Construction Nightmares below and learn how you can turn your bad dreams into a fairytale, or at least only a daytime TV drama.

The truth is, the construction industry is complex and there are plenty of risks that can transform seemingly straightforward building plans into a labyrinth of petrifying reworks and delays. So, should you run straight for a safer industry and never look back at the terrors of your construction past? Not yet. Although scary at times, a new project can be an incredibly exciting time and doesn’t have to give you an ominous feeling like a monster is hiding underneath your bed.

Looking to make your next project less of a nightmare? You’ll need to arm yourself with more than just builder’s tools to slay your project’s monsters. Investing in the right construction productivity software and a firm preconstruction planning strategy can help prevent your worst fears from turning into a reality and help you focus on your favorite ending—a successful project.

Which construction nightmare do you fear the most? Leave us a comment below to share your thoughts. You can also download (and share) our guide by clicking the image below. 

Top Construction Nightmares

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