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Scary Storeys: Does Your Project Belong in a Horror Movie? [Quiz]

Scary Storeys: Does Your Project Belong in a Horror Movie? [Quiz]

Take Our Quiz to Learn What Construction Nightmare You’re Living In

Halloween is almost upon us—and the scary storeys aren’t just for children anymore. From mysterious and extreme weather that throws your project completely off course, disappearing or impossible to track down construction workers, or that certain project that seems to never end, all the strange things encountered on a jobsite can feel more like urban legend than reality.

Due to all the risk and unexpected occurrences, construction can be a seemingly scary industry but it doesn’t have to be a heart-stopping thriller with an M Night Shyamalan style-twist. So, before you accept darkness from falling on your next project, keep in mind that there are ways you can reduce construction risks and gain back control, so your worst thoughts don’t become the fuel for a suspenseful Blockbuster hit.

But before we give you the ultimate spoiler and provide tips on how to save your next project from a tortuous tale of inefficiency and fright, complete our construction quiz below to find out which horror film your project, past or present, belongs in.

What Nightmare Does Your Construction Project Belong In

Face Your Fears: Construction Nightmares Don’t Have to Be a Reality

Don’t surrender to letting common construction terrors suck the life from your project’s productivity and profit. To start, leave the scary stories to fiction and invest in construction productivity software and a solid preconstruction planning strategy. By monitoring and planning for the worst, you’ll be able to move your project towards success and eventually increase your ROI. In no time, you’ll sleep easier knowing that you can leave your construction nightmares on Elm Street forever.

Still not scared yet? In case you missed it, check out our Top 10 Construction Nightmares Lookbook to celebrate the spookiest time of year (but hopefully not for your projects). Learn about these common construction nightmares and more, and what you can do to avoid them in the future.

Top Construction Nightmares


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