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How Construction Mobile Apps Are Building the Future [infographic]

How Mobile Construction Apps Are Building the Future [Infographic]

Construction Projects Need a Strong Foundation—Not Just on the Ground, But Also in the Cloud

We’re on the cusp of a revolution with mobile construction apps. Widespread adoption of technology across the industry means construction companies can’t afford to opt out of technology today. But having a technology strategy is no longer enough. Although technology and software are now prevalent in construction, the industry continues to suffer from persistent challenges, such as skilled-labor shortage, fragmented teams, high competition, tight margins, and increased risk—all of which can be solved by increasing productivity.

While legacy construction software has failed to solve construction’s “intractable productivity problem,” mobile construction apps, in contrast, solve the primary pain points driving the construction industry from bricks to bytes. In this sense, for construction companies that want to increase their productivity and grow their business, it’s critical not just to have a solid foundation on the ground, but also a solid foundation in the cloud.

Why is utilizing the cloud so vital to the forward-thinking construction companies of today? And how will construction mobility help your company succeed? You can find the answers to these questions in our new infographic, “Building the Future with Mobile Construction Apps,” which is jam-packed with insights on how and why construction mobility is building the future of construction.

1. Mobility

According to the 2016 Global Construction Survey by KPMG, 77 percent of contractors and 65 percent of owners use mobile technology to facilitate the completion of their construction and engineering projects.

Few industries are as mobile as construction. While many companies maintain a team at the office, their numbers are minimal when compared to those out in the field. Being able to tap into the cloud allows all team members to access files, download changes and view data on any device–even when they’re on a construction site.

2. Productivity

According to a PlanGrid survey of more than 800 respondents, 32 percent of construction productivity software users saved an average of five or more hours each week.

Increasing productivity means improving efficiency and saving time. Did you know that 77 percent of megaprojects around the globe are 40 percent or more behind schedule? This equates to an 80 percent increase in costs. In contrast, with mobile construction apps, project stakeholders are able to access files, documents, and other information quickly and easily, which increases efficiency and accelerates project delivery.

3. Cost Savings

Cost is the compelling component behind any construction project. Construction companies that utilize the flexibility of the cloud realize cost savings that are almost immediate. Both on-site and office staff have immediate access to the same information without the costs of physical equipment that must be constantly maintained and updated. Cloud-based construction software allows for customization so important elements like project roles, vital review points, and collaboration can be defined from within the platform.

Building the Future with Mobile Construction Apps

To learn more about how working in the cloud can take your business to the next level, read (and share) our construction infographic:

Building the Future with Mobile Construction Apps [infographic]

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