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Leopardo Companies Require PlanGrid on Every Project; Here’s Why [Video]

Leopardo Companies Require PlanGrid on Every Project; Here’s Why [Video]

Watch Our Video to Learn How the Right Solutions Can Save Your Company Time, Money and Rework

When Leopardo Companies, a General Contractor based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, first saw PlanGrid in action in 2012, they immediately knew the software was right for their company. According to Dan Klancnik, the company’s Director of Project Solutions, “The construction industry, historically, is a fragmented industry, so we have trouble sharing information between different entities and different companies.”

Since migrating from the dark days of a “paper world” to the technologically savvy construction site of today, the company now mandates PlanGrid on every project and subcontractor to save time, money and rework.

“In PlanGrid, it’s almost instantaneous that our people all have the right information, at the right time,” adds Klancnik.

So, what exactly makes PlanGrid an essential component for this successful brand? Leopardo Companies’ Senior Vice President, along with Klancnik, recently stepped in front of the camera to explain.

Learn how this dynamic and innovative brand makes the most of PlanGrid tools and features and how it saves them time and money on the projects they create. From the collaborative tools that ensure everyone is on the same page for each project, to the checks and balances that make sure  that nothing, no matter how small, slips past the project management team, the construction productivity software is a key component of their workflow.

Saving time, money and rework efforts is a goal for every contractor; for Leopardo Companies, these benefits are critical for business success. When companies can communicate easily between offices, worksites and remote locations, everyone wins. Jobs flow more smoothly, workers know what to do and experience less downtime and even safety is improved, since PlanGrid supports both Spanish and English languages. Best of all, the project can swiftly get back on track if a problem is discovered; the software solution  makes it easy to get the entire team on board in real time when assistance is needed.

Find out how construction productivity tools can also help your business find success, and what components matter most to hard-working contractors and project management professionals like those at Leopardo Companies.

Click here to see Leopardo Companies in action and to learn how they truly make the most of PlanGrid’s intuitive suite of construction management tools.


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