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PlanGrid empowers our projects to become digital and connected, resulting in increased efficiency, collaboration, and profitability on the jobsite.
— Dominic R. Spelich, Executive Vice President, VEC

Construction is the foundation of all our lives. Follow along for just a moment. This morning, you probably woke up in a house or an apartment. Maybe you rushed to an office building to pursue your professional dream. If you have kids, you dropped them off at a school. And on that journey, you drove on roads, crossed a bridge, or ventured through a tunnel. The things we build touch every facet of our lives. In fact, you’re probably reading this in a building right now, be it a cafe, library, high-rise, or any other human-made structure.

Quite simply, construction is core to the human experience. I’m not saying this because I’m in the construction industry. Instead, these experiences are the reason I’m in it. Some people take the structures that we live in for granted, but for me and the rest of the PlanGrid team, it’s the reason we get up in the morning.

That’s why when we see industry studies showing that construction productivity has declined over the past 50 years, we know PlanGrid can do more to help. While construction technologies like project management systems, drones, and building information modeling (BIM) have come a long way in the last few decades, these advances haven’t moved the needle on productivity. Why? Ultimately, those solutions aren’t designed to address the core issues of construction productivity.

At PlanGrid, we’re laser-focused on building innovative construction productivity software to address the needs that other technology solutions have ignored for far too long. In just 5 years, PlanGrid has become the leading mobile-first solution to increase collaboration, communication, and the flow and access of information to every stakeholder across the construction lifecycle. And we’re incredibly proud to report that more than 500,000 construction projects in 72 countries have relied on our solutions to increase productivity and complete their projects on-time and within budget.

In a recent open letter to builders, our CEO Tracy Young describes our commitment to construction productivity in more detail. As an industry veteran, she places PlanGrid in context of past and current challenges facing the industry like no one else. More importantly, she explains what it will take for all of us to help construction teams be more productive going forward by calling for more tools that promote efficiency and collaboration.

And so, we’re releasing several new features and integrations that will immediately align PlanGrid customers closer to her vision, including: One-Tap Navigation, 10x Faster Sheet Publishing, Push Notifications, Mobile 360° Photos, and more.

With these new tools, we’ll continue to ensure teams have instant access to the full construction record set regardless of location or internet access while giving teams more time to do what they love—build. By automating tedious administrative tasks with machine learning, our collaboration tools bring together everyone and everything needed to complete projects more efficiently. And when the work is done, owners and other stakeholders can access a complete history of the project to empower operations for the life of the building.

Check out the features and integrations we’re rolling out to all Android and iOS users on version 5.12.2 over the next 3 weeks, so you can prepare to hit the ground running.

One-Tap Navigation

The sleek, easy-to-use new look and feel for the app provides instant access to different areas of their project—sheets, documents, issues, and more—with a single tap. One-tap navigation is available on iOS today and is coming soon to Android.

One-Tap Navigation Interface

10x Faster Sheet Publishing

Our new intelligent sheet publishing experience means you can soon distribute thousands of sheets to your teams in minutes. This update doesn’t just help speed up your workflow; it also helps you get the job done right with features like improved accuracy for title block detection, bulk editing actions, sheet rotation, and more. New sheet publishing will roll out to all customers over the next three weeks.

10x Faster Sheet Publishing

Push Notifications

You can soon receive PlanGrid app notifications, eliminating the need to search for project updates or chase down answers. Opting-in will automatically enable push alerts, reducing the turnaround time for responses, and streamlining communications. Each project will have a Notifications Center with all the relevant updates for your to review including assigned issues and alerts when new drawing versions are issued. New push notifications will roll out to all customers over the next two weeks.

Notifications Center

Push Notifications

Mobile 360° Photos

Your team can always drop by the site for progress updates or information gathering, but that’s not always very convenient. Now you can give them the next best thing. Available today across all mobile platforms, uploading and sharing 360° photos is an efficient and valuable way to help document jobsite progress.

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Key Integrations

Modern construction projects require specialized tools, but inefficient data entry and storage systems can be a drain on your team’s productivity. With our expanded integration offerings you can reduce reliance on manual processes, making it easier to process data quickly and accurately.


CMiC and PlanGrid’s integration allows PlanGrid users to automatically synchronize critical information such as the team on a project, punch list issues, RFIs, and approved submittals. This ensures that everyone on a construction job has all relevant information, when, and where they need it.


Dronomy has seamlessly integrated with PlanGrid to allow customers using Dronomy’s SiteAware to add the current, contextual visual aspect to their construction management processes. With SiteAware Cloud Viewer, users can snapshot the reality of their construction site—including 3D and 4D models, 2D orthomosaic, any drone imagery or their own captured images. Users can then add their insights and save these snapshots to their PlanGrid documents, where they can be viewed in the field across any mobile device, linked to a specific area on a sheet or multiple sheets, and referenced in RFIs.


PlanGrid customers now have access to the highest-quality construction camera imagery in the industry to document important projects and track progress. Customers have the ability to link live images or archived photos directly to site plans for an up-to-date view of their projects. With EarthCam mark-up tools, customers have the option to call out specific areas of interest directly on the image and then upload to the documents section of PlanGrid for instant sharing and collaboration.


eSUB now fully synchronizes its RFI capabilities with PlanGrid so that subcontractors can coordinate their RFI creation from the field with their workflows for getting approvals from GCs and design firms. Users will continue to be able to attach snapshots of their PlanGrid markups to documents in eSUB to better document the work they’re performing.

The Future of Construction Productivity

We can’t wait to see what you and your teams accomplish with these new tools. Starting today, your teams can be ready to enter the next era of construction productivity.

To learn more about where we’re taking construction productivity software, check out the open letter to builders penned by our CEO Tracy Young.

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