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How to Improve Productivity in the Construction Industry

A practical guide to keeping your projects on schedule and under budget

Despite helpful technological advances like drones and BIM software, large-scale construction projects are still more likely to finish over budget than not. In fact, a shocking 98% of all megaprojects will see cost overruns and 77% of them won’t make their timeline goals. It’s clear we need to learn how to improve productivity in the construction industry. 

7 Easy Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip

While many factors contribute to cost overruns and schedule slips, the primary factor is low productivity. In fact, construction is one of the few industries that is less productive now than it was 60 years ago. We briefly covered the 7 Easy Ways to Increase Construction Productivity in the past, but with low construction productivity costing the U.S. global economy $1.6 trillion a year, it’s clear that construction companies need productivity help now more than ever.

The good news is that this problem has a few easy solutions—all of which are within your control. For example, timeline delays due to storms or government red tape are immutable facts of life, but productivity is essentially just the rate at which you complete your work. While no force of nature can affect the weather or the bureaucracy, your productivity is something you can regulate.

At PlanGrid, we put construction productivity tools in the hands of construction companies every day. As such, we have insight into what can boost productivity and what can hold companies back from finishing projects on time and within budget. For example, consider document management. An independent study revealed that rework caused by poor document control can cost as much as $4.2 billion a year in the U.S. alone. No matter how you calculate it, that’s money you can’t afford to lose—especially when there is such a simple solution to your productivity problems.

Learn How to Improve Productivity in the Construction Industry

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