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How to Get Amazing ROI from Construction Software [Infographic]

Power Design Celebrates Their PlanGrid Anniversary

By: Emily Walsh & Taylor Precourt

From productivity to sustainability, staying ahead of technological innovation is the key to overcoming modern construction challenges. At Power Design, Inc (PDI), we’re uniquely committed to going digital. Not only is our tech team over 80% larger than average for construction companies, but we also recently celebrated our two-year anniversary with PlanGrid. We’re happy to report we’ve achieved some exciting results — an amazing ROI from construction software.

Prior to PlanGrid, we weren’t keeping our commitment to innovation. Too much paper was circulating through the field and office, making it impossible to keep the most current record set up to date. This caused some major delays getting new plans between change orders. It was clear we didn’t have an efficient way to collaborate and communicate between the office and the field.

After two years with PlanGrid, we had a lot of positive feedback from our teams about this commitment to technology. So, we began to wonder if those anecdotes truly justified our investment. We decided then and there to scratch that analytical itch and collect the data we needed to calculate a retrospective ROI from construction software.

The results were thrilling, so we decided to create and share an infographic of our findings with the whole company. Our results were so well-received at PDI that we thought other companies could benefit from seeing how measuring ROI helped us maximize our PlanGrid investment.

PlanGrid ROI Construction Inforgraphic

Power Design is growing a lot and we saw an opportunity to keep adoption rate high while also reaffirming the return on investment we’ve seen from PlanGrid.

— Emily Walsh, IT Communications Specialist

About the Authors

Power Design Inc. (PDI) has completed nearly 1,000 projects, frequently gaining national acclaim for their work. In 2014, after a year of intense testing and identifying significant potential savings, they made PlanGrid their official field solution. Since then, PlanGrid has saved PDI over $7 million per year in rework savings, productivity gains, and paper usage. Learn more about how Power Design and PlanGrid are setting the standard for specialty contractors here.

Taylor Precourt Taylor Precourt has over five years of experience specializing in IT/AV at Power Design, Inc. She is a key contributor and influencer to Power Design’s Technical Growth, ensuring that the company remains on the cutting edge of Internet of Things (IoT).

Emily WalshEmily Walsh is an experienced marketing and communications professional. She leads all IT communications and product events for Power Design. Emily considers herself a visionary in the IoT marketing space, driving user adoption through a blend of technical and creative marketing.


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