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How to Choose the Best Construction Software for Your Field Teams [Webinar]

Update: This webinar has ended. Don’t worry, we saved you a seat. Check out the recording here.

The construction industry is suffering from an “intractable productivity problem” largely due to slow technology adoption. While software for the office has become commonplace in the industry, it still hasn’t solved the underlying productivity issue. In fact, despite technology investment in the office, exorbitant rework costs and budget overruns continue to persist, pointing to a larger problem that hasn’t been addressed — how mobile technology can be leveraged by the team in the field.

As more and more companies begin to adopt field and mobile technology, the industry is poised to see major productivity gains. However, choosing the right field technology and demonstrating its value to your company isn’t always easy.

Curious about how to choose the best construction software for your company and projects? In our upcoming webinar — Improving Construction Field Productivity with Technology: Getting the Right Tools on Board — you’ll learn what questions to ask when evaluating software for the field so you can find the technology that’s right for your company. We’ll show you how to prioritize functions and features during the evaluation process, track return on investment to justify the value of your chosen software, and create a compelling argument for your budget owners.

By taking a field-first approach to technology decisions, your team will be able to successfully adopt software and see a substantial increase in productivity where it will have the biggest impact. We hope you’ll join us next week for our webinar Improving Construction Field Productivity with Technology: Getting the Right Tools on Board. We look forward to providing the help you need to maximize collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in the field.

Date: Thursday, July 6
Time: 10AM PT / 1PM ET


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