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Introducing PlanGrid Field Reports

The biggest problem superintendents encounter is going about filling out different forms and classifying them to back up events in the field. Now, with Field Reports they can fill out the reports without having to log out. When they lock up the site in the afternoon, all information is instantly available at the head office.
— Gilles Raymond, Superintendent, Progest Construction

For years, construction professionals have been wasting hours every week filling out paper reports. But that’s about to change. Field Reports allows you to keep using the forms that you already use on a daily basis, while leveraging the benefits of PlanGrid’s smart technologies. Plus, by filling out your forms on an iPad or iPhone, you can reduce the time you spend in the trailer at the end of the day.

Track and Manage

Any form you need to fill out regularly can be created and submitted with PlanGrid Field Reports. You can either use your own forms or choose from one of PlanGrid’s templates — the important thing is that everything is kept together, along side your plans, project documents, and progress photos. Keeping your record set together ensures that you have a single source of truth for all your project documents. PlanGrid will even let you copy reports from previous days, so you don’t have to manually enter repetitive information.

PlanGrid Field Reports: Track and Manage


PlanGrid Field Reports also allows you to add references like photos directly to your report, from a desktop or iOS device. References help contextualize your report, as well as cut down the amount of time you spend searching for the right report photo. Instead, you can simply snap a photo on your iOS device and attach it directly to the report.

PlanGrid Field Reports: References


Field Reports has three different permission levels, so you can ensure the right people can view the right information. You can also see who submitted each form and when with permissions.

PlanGrid Field Reports: Accountability

We’re excited to introduce PlanGrid Field Reports, which promises to empower construction professionals to create more efficient workflows and unlock tremendous productivity throughout the industry.

Author: Ruth Goins


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