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Be prepared for surprise OSHA site visits with PlanGrid

An Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) representative randomly pays a visit to your jobsite to make sure everyone has their safety manuals on hand. Who’s prepared — and who’s up for a fine?

In 2016, over 20% of all U.S. workplace fatalities were construction-related. As part of their role in increasing safety on the jobsite, OSHA conducts random, unscheduled site visits to ensure that workers comply with regulations. One such requirement is that employees must have quick access to safety manuals while on the worksite, or be liable for a fine — to the tune of over $12,000 per violation.

Important safety concerns aside, fines of this magnitude can make a substantial dent in any construction project’s budget, especially when multiple violations are found at once.

Construction is inherently complex. Successful projects rely on keeping a massive amount of up-to-date information — like drawings, photos, submittals, inspection reports, and more — instantly accessible to everyone, while keeping everyone working productively and safely.

Our customers use PlanGrid to make sure everyone stays on the current set, and keeping everyone on the same page is a no-brainer; being able to easily manage versions, RFIs, and more is a surefire way to keep projects running smoothly, cut costs, and finish ahead of schedule.

The team at R&R Mechanical Services from Grand Rapids, Michigan stays extra-prepared with PlanGrid. They use Plangrid to collect, access, update, and share everything that would otherwise be on paper — including their safety manuals.

So, when OSHA recently paid a surprise visit to their jobsite to make sure everyone had their safety manuals on hand, they simply opened PlanGrid on their iPad, and within seconds, they had them on the screen. R&R Mechanical was the only contractor on the project with the required information within reach — allowing them to easily pass the inspection without any fines.

PlanGrid has exceeded our expectations — we’d never thought it’d save us from an OSHA fine! Having everything immediately accessible to everyone on the team continues to pay off in ways we didn’t even think possible.

–Ruben Ramos, Partner, R&R Mechanical Services

R&R on the jobsite, pulling up their safety manuals on PlanGrid
R&R on the jobsite, pulling up their safety manuals on PlanGrid

Everything we build at PlanGrid is designed for the millions of construction professionals that are building our future. Saving time and money is just one major benefit. Unfettered, get-it-anywhere access to any project document—including vital safety information—is just the icing on the cake.

Be prepared for anything with PlanGrid.

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Brigid Holdridge

PlanGrid Regional Sales Manager