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Seven-digit Construction Project Savings: My ‘a-ha’ moment at PlanGrid

Seven-digit Construction Project Savings: My ‘a-ha’ moment at PlanGrid

Blake Lockhart explains how witnessing PlanGrid’s construction project savings motivated him to leave his project management career to join our consulting team.

Years ago, I was working as a project manager with a large developer headquartered in North Carolina. After an otherwise routine visit, the owner of the company rushed over with some important-seeming news. He wanted to share how excited he was about implementing PlanGrid at his firm. I thought it was intriguing but didn’t know much about it yet. Weeks later, he reached out to me again with an update. Turns out, he was projecting annual construction project savings in the seven digit range—just by implementing PlanGrid across all of his projects.

Then and there, I was hooked. I had to be part of the team that could have such a positive impact on someone’s life.

Blake in action at a recent PlanGrid consulting session
Blake in action at a recent PlanGrid consulting session

Today, I’m PlanGrid’s Lead Consultant and Trainer in the South East region. There, I can focus my construction project management expertise on our Windows and Android platforms.

Through my experiences working with some of the largest construction and design firms in the world, I’ve found my true passion: helping companies and their people to become more efficient through software.

Implementing software to help clients achieve their business objectives showed me that I wasn’t the only person in the construction industry facing the same day-to-day pain points. My personal goal is to understand the nuts and bolts of these businesses, in order to most effectively help them become more productive.

Are you ready to supercharge your next project with PlanGrid? For seamless rollout and team training, reach out to I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Blake Lockhart

PlanGrid Lead Consultant — Southeast Region