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PlanGrid Consulting launches educational webinar series

PlanGrid Consulting launches educational webinar series

Our Consulting Services team brings a combined 24 years of construction industry experience—and 15 years of PlanGrid training experience—to your jobsite.

The Consulting Services team (photo: Jesse Dodds)

PlanGrid’s Consulting Services team is excited to announce our new monthly webinar series, designed to help you get the most out of PlanGrid. We’ll start with an overview of PlanGrid best practices, and follow up with deep dives into specific functions and workflows.

4/6: Leadership essentials for PlanGrid implementation

Dean Leichtle will kick off the series with a lesson on how leaders can effectively standardize PlanGrid across a company or project.

4/13: Unlocking productivity with PlanGrid’s API

Sophat Sam, head of technical consulting, will introduce you to the mysterious, magical world of API and integrations — and show you all the ways PlanGrid can connect to the systems you already use.

4/20: Expert version control

At the heart of any successful project is expert document control, and our sheets expert Erica Gasbarro will share some of the secrets of the trade.

4/27: Empower your field crew

Join our lead field trainer Jessica Pollack as she reviews the most popular field efficiency tools on PlanGrid’s mobile apps.

5/4: Electrify your as-builts

Learn how to simplify (and supercharge) your as-built process with PlanGrid’s mark up, syncing, and exporting tools with our as-built expert Drew Moncada.

Ongoing: PlanGrid for design

Discover how PlanGrid is used successfully in the design phase at our monthly webinar, led by our lead architecture consultant, Ross Wagner.

See you there!

PlanGrid’s blueprint app can help you manage your project documents more efficiently than ever, saving you time and money. Visit for more information, or reach out to us at (800) 646–0796.

Emily Tsitrian

Emily Tsitrian is the Director of Consulting Services at PlanGrid where she oversees the consulting and training team. In this capacity, she is responsible for driving world-class onsite training sessions and implementation to customers around the world. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.