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Compare your plans and drawings

Sheet Compare lets you overlay any two sheets or drawings to easily view changes, identify clashes, and review constructability.

Sheet Compare is now available on iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps.

Use Sheet Compare to easily overlay any two sheets to view changes, identify clashes, and review constructability. If the drawings are offset, quickly align them for a more precise comparison of similarities and differences. You can also take a snapshot of any comparison details, and share them instantly with others.

Simple and powerful, sheet compare makes it easy to:

Track scope changes during design

Drawings are revised frequently during the design phase, making it tricky for project teams to keep up with what’s changed and how it impacts the project. Use sheet compare to quickly review your project’s history and compare plans — from programming to the construction set — and pinpoint changes that affect your budget.

See clash detections at a glance

In the thick of a project with multiple trades, issues often crop up — but it’s not always practical to find a desktop computer to review plans. Sheet compare lets you overlay drawings in the field, highlighting inconsistencies in seconds. Spend less time in clash detection meetings and avoid even more rework.

Coordinate your subcontractors

Improve coordination by superimposing plans from different trades; for example, overlaying HVAC and lighting plans will help to ensure light fixtures and diffusers are clear of one another. Sheet compare helps stagger the work and protect you from any change orders or surprise costs.

Better planning in heavy civil

When undertaking road, rail, or highway construction, contractors need to carefully plan and section off work to maintain the flow of traffic. The ability to superimpose temporary routes over traffic control and detour plans is critical to visualizing the impacts of future construction work.

Sheet compare on PlanGrid for Windows

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Author: Chris Bank

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