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Manage your construction project with ease: Admin Console’s latest updates

Manage your construction project with ease: Admin Console’s latest updates

When we released PlanGrid’s Admin Console, our goal was to make life easier for PlanGrid administrators. Back then, admins could view users, manage licenses, and purchase new ones from our website — but they’re responsible for a lot more than just software licenses. A large part of their role also involves project administration: making sure that projects are set up and archived correctly so that the right people are working on (and have access to) the right projects.

Today, we’re excited to announce that PlanGrid’s Admin Console allows administrators to manage projects. We listened to your feedback, and made some significant updates:

  • On the project list page, admins can see projects linked to their organization and view project details (i.e. number of sheets, number of users, last activity date).
  • All new projects are linked to an admin’s organization by default, and existing projects can be linked manually.
Admins can now view all the projects linked to their organization in Admin Console.
  • Admins can add and remove team members in batches, and when a project is complete, remove everyone in just three clicks. The project still shows up on an admin’s list, so if it needs to be re-opened at a later date, team members can be re-added.
Admins can add and remove users from a project in batches.
  • Admins can edit project details, remove a project from the organization, or permanently delete projects on the project settings page.
  • We’ve added a variety of fields, like project code, project status, and address, to make it easier to keep track of your projects.
  • Projects can no longer be accidentally deleted. Once a project is linked to an organization, it can only be deleted by an admin.
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We’re working hard to continually improve Admin Console, and we hope these new tools make it easier than ever to manage your projects.


The Admin Console team: Ky, Chris, Cody, Heather, Barak, JP, Chantal, Chelsey, and Rob

Author: Chelsey Tanaka

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