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From Support to Consulting: My PlanGrid journey so far

From Support to Consulting: My PlanGrid journey so far

Barbara Acha, bilingual economist, PlanGrid’s 100th employee, and consultant, discusses her journey at PlanGrid.

I’ve always believed that to be the best you have to work with the best, and I’ve had quite a journey finding the perfect job for me; a business woman, native Spanish speaker, and tech nerd. Almost 7 years after entering the job market, I finally found a company with a mission I believe in and a product I am passionate about. This has allowed me to thrive in my career at PlanGrid.

In April 2015, I started at PlanGrid as a Customer Support Hero, learning the product and delivering quality support to our customers. I’m an innate people helper, so I loved every second of it — and my team was amazing, to say the least — but I’ve always been hungry for personal and professional growth. My then-manager knew that, and believed that my knowledge and talent would better serve PlanGrid (and myself) in another position.

A colleague in Sales planted the seed, my manager watered it, and our VP of Sales pushed it to full bloom with a quote I’ll always remember:

“We’re all in it together: individual, company, and career success are all intertwined. Do well at PlanGrid, and you will do very well in your career.”

In November 2016, I moved to the Consulting team. I’ve been helping construction companies make the most of their investment in our software, saving them time, money, and making them more competitive — and it’s incredibly fulfilling. PlanGrid is a game changing win-win for everyone, and I get to see this firsthand in my interactions with our customers. When you show customers a feature on PlanGrid that will save them time in the field and get them home to their families faster, their reaction is nothing short of amazing.

Barbara in action at a PlanGrid Consulting session

I’m helping people build hospitals, schools, and other vital infrastructure, all of which generate jobs in an industry that is crucial for the economic growth of this nation. As an economist, I couldn’t be happier. Economics gave me the qualitative and critical thinking skills I needed to find and pursue a career I’m passionate about while still being able to help others.

Being a native Spanish speaker allows me to help even more: my colleagues know I’m passionate about our Spanish-speaking customers, largely because the January 2017 Labor Force Statistics indicate that 28.9% of the 10,328,000 total people employed in the construction industry are Hispanic or Latino and they need to feel identified and connected, too. So, recently, I’ve used my bilingual skills to translate much-needed documentation, deliver our consulting and training services in Spanish, and even overdubbed this video.

I’m fully invested in myself, in PlanGrid, and our users, and it feels great.

After the long journey to find myself and “the perfect fit” for me, I can definitely say that today I feel I’m at my best, working with the best, in an industry that we’re ready to conquer.

Author: Barbara Acha

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