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New: hyperlinked as-builts

New: hyperlinked as-builts

We recently shared a series of blog posts about how owners and developers use PlanGrid throughout the design, construction, closeout, and operations stages — and if you’ve read them, you’ll already know that during handoff to facilities management teams, as much as 30% of the building data is often lost.

This data is crucial for the long-term health of the building. Having detailed as-builts can be the difference between successful or disastrous facilities management, emergency situations, and even renovations.

But detail isn’t enough. As-builts also need to be easy to navigate — and that navigation needs to be fast.

3 people and 3 weeks later…

You told us that hyperlinked as-builts would save you time and money, so we made it a priority earlier this year. A team of three (a product manager, an engineer, and a quality assurance lead) spent several weeks building this functionality into the app, testing it, re-testing it, and making sure the result was something you’d find useful — before rolling it out to everyone on PlanGrid.

Now, when you hand over PlanGrid as-builts to a building owner at the end of a project, they’ll be able to jump from sheet to sheet in seconds. This agility is useful in just about any situation:


Where are the fire hydrants, or the stairs? Which parts of the building can we block off reliably? What’s the safest way out? Hyperlinked PlanGrid as-builts let you virtually fly through the building to find what you need immediately.


What’s behind that wall? What material was used and who built this? Add unlimited attachments and hyperlink them to specific locations on your plans — find details about anything and everything in moments.

Facilities management

Where’s the user manual for this appliance? What about the warranty? Using PlanGrid, anything you like can be pinned to exact locations on plans: warranties, manuals, you name it. No more digging through folders for hours.

Use hyperlinks to fly from sheet to sheet with the speed and agility of a hummingbird (if hummingbirds could use PlanGrid)

We’re pleased to report that our hyperlinked as-builts are as reliable and easy to navigate as we’d hoped. We’re looking forward to a world where every building has its own PlanGrid as-built, so that no matter what happens, everyone is armed with detailed, easy-to-find information.

Keep on building. We’ll keep building for you.

If you have ideas for ways to make our app even better, we want to hear from you:

About the author: Erica joined PlanGrid in February 2014, and works with the Marketing team. She has a long and varied history in marketing, media, and advertising. Erica enjoys writing short biographies about herself and leaving parties early without saying goodbye.