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Event recap: The Mixin SF @ PlanGrid

Event recap: The Mixin SF @ PlanGrid

A Sass-y evening in the Mission District

On Tuesday evening, we hosted The Mixin, a meetup group that brings front-end and Sass developers together to share ideas, make connections, and learn from each other (over drinks and snacks, of course!).

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent (Design/Development Advocate, Salesforce) kicked off the evening with some exciting Sass updates before handing over to Jina Anne (Designer/Developer, Salesforce), who focused on using design tokens in design systems.

Using her experiences at Salesforce as an example, Jina dove deep into:

  • The purpose of a design system, and why it’s important to have one
  • The difference between a design guide and a design system ( guides are static, while systems are living and constantly updated)
  • The challenge of scaling a design system for an organization of 20,000+ people with 17 years of design legacy
  • How tokens can be used to keep a design system up to date, responsive, and relevant
  • The importance of accessibility and the challenge of updating multiple platforms to quickly fix accessibility issues

And much, much more. (Watch Kaelig and Jina.) She also shared this XKCD comic, generating quite few sighs/laughs of recognition from the group:

The struggle is real.

After another short break, Henri Helvetica (designer, developer, and creator of @RapperTurnedDev) took the stage to discuss web performance, covering:

  • How page weight has dramatically increased over the last few years
  • How it’s cultural: we love sharing photos, and photos increase weight
  • How designers take fast internet speeds and up-to-date technology for granted, and as a result, we end up with heavier pages that take longer to load
  • The implications of those slow-to-load web pages (reduced sales, less retention)
  • How heavy pages carry over to mobile and chew through data plans (important for developing countries, where it’s difficult to get additional data mid-cycle)
  • The importance of knowing your formats and optimizing accordingly
  • How to solve the problem of heavy pages by using the right tools and strategies

Review Henri’s slides or watch the presentation.

At PlanGrid, we love building spaces for bright, talented, and passionate people to get together. Thanks to The Mixin for the incredible meetup.

Until next time!

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