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Happy #CustomerServiceWeek!

Happy #CustomerServiceWeek!

Over the last few years, we’ve assembled a diverse, hilarious, and empathetic group of people to help PlanGrid users as they go about their daily business (and the team is still growing).

The support team all in one place! [October 2016, photo by Jesse Dodds]

Live support is no joke. It requires keen communication skills, fast fingers, a knack for knowing what people need, and a genuine desire to make everyone’s day a little bit better.

In the spirit of Customer Service Week, as well as featuring a few of our heroes on Facebook, we’ve dug up a ‘lil tidbit of PlanGrid-support-related data to share with you:

6 seconds

Average online chat response time


Average number of customer interactions per day (chat, email, and phone)

30 minutes

Average email response time


Current number of full time customer support agents at PlanGrid (non-management)

Your key to unfettered PlanGrid knowledge.

What else does PlanGrid’s support team do?

  • Create all content for (and manage) PlanGrid’s Help Site
  • Track feedback and suggestions, and funnel them to to the appropriate people
  • Escalated technical investigations
  • Personal follow-ups with people experiencing bugs

Happy Customer Service Week to everyone working in customer service around the world. Keep on building!

Erica-Lee Lick

About the author: Erica joined PlanGrid in February 2014, and works with the Marketing team. With a long and varied history in marketing, media, and advertising, Erica enjoys writing short biographies about herself and leaving parties early without saying goodbye.