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Fall ’16 Release

Fall ’16 Release

We have been working hard to create powerful tools to help you get your job done faster.

Track important details with new issue fields

Include cost/schedule impacts, due dates, and comments in your issue stamps and reports. With more project information attached to every stamp, issues get resolved faster than ever. Learn more »

Overdue issues show up in red, and you can tap a stamp for cost and schedule impact.

Fresh features for Windows

We’re adding new functionality to Windows every month. Now (in addition to hyperlink labels and new issue fields) you can add measurements and take photos directly from the Windows app. Download »

The measurement tool provides quick estimates from the field on your Windows device.

Auto-tagging sheets = less manual work

Using AIA discipline designators, PlanGrid automatically reads your sheet names and tags your drawings by discipline. Get your team the plans they need—faster than ever.

Check the box while uploading to auto-tag your sheets.

Save time and reduce confusion with hyperlink labels

Add text labels directly to hyperlinks without creating a separate text box.

Add hyperlinks and documents to your plans with custom labels.

Better handoffs with hyperlinked asbuilts

Exported PDFs now have live hyperlinks so you find the attachments you need faster—even if you’re not using PlanGrid!

Hyperlinks stay live after exporting asbuilts to PDF.

View your sheets with ease

We redesigned our sheet log to make it easier and faster to view and edit your sheets.

A more spacious layout, easier filtering options.

Join us for a Fall 2016 Release webinar on November 2, at 10:00AM PT to learn to use all our new features. Details and registration.