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Stop the drama with PlanGrid RFIs

Stop the drama with PlanGrid RFIs

Originally published October 2014

In the construction industry, we all wish that an RFI was really just what the acronym stands for — a Request For Information.

In reality, it is much more like an exploding time-bomb waiting to go off and turn into a costly change, a schedule delay, or a dispute. All of this animosity towards RFIs is increased because until now, there was no other choice than to manage RFIs using software that does absolutely nothing for collaboration and transparency within a team. Dusty, outdated software that looks like this:

That’s why PlanGrid set out to solve this problem in the same way we’ve solved other problems — by making a beautiful, simple, effective tool that the construction industry will love:

Click here to see a short video of how the feature works.

The main features of PlanGrid’s RFI tool are:

  • RFI statuses that are fully customizable to project needs
  • The ability to generate snapshots from blueprints, across all platforms, which automatically synchronize to the cloud for easy RFI referencing
  • Enables users to reference available snapshots, photos and attachments from their PlanGrid cloud
  • RFI PDF reports that can be created and sent via email to project teams
  • The ability to track the status of RFIs through the RFI log
  • The ability to comment and enable communication regarding the RFI — meaning no more finger pointing since communication is centralized even if a project team is not
  • PlanGrid records every edit to the RFI and all edits are viewable in the RFI history — so details aren’t lost and team members are on the same page
  • Smart filters in the RFI log that enable quick access to and tracking of RFIs
  • Enables users to post RFI responses directly to blueprints and publish them to their whole team in seconds

By providing a tool that will fit with any workflow that each unique project requires, PlanGrid RFIs lets you get back to what great project teams thrive at — collaboratively solving problems. See it for yourself.


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