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Originally published: March 2015

PlanGrid is thrilled to announce the launch of PlanGrid Labs: a new, interactive training experience with a custom-designed curriculum and simple exercises to quickly train large teams. New to tablet technology? We’ll even teach iPad or Android basics, too!

Emily Tsitrian leads a PlanGrid Labs session (original image by Cody Farthing)

Even though PlanGrid is easy to learn, when a big project launches it can be beneficial to train your whole team at once, especially in areas where you’ve made custom adjustments to accommodate your workflows. PlanGrid Labs will get your users up to speed in no time with our fun, straightforward exercises and expert trainers.

PlanGrid Labs is available remotely, or in-person as a paid service. We love teaching our users how to get the most out of PlanGrid, and we’re excited to work with you to get your team up to speed as soon as possible. Contact us for more information.

Emily Tsitrian

Emily Tsitrian is the Director of Consulting Services at PlanGrid where she oversees the consulting and training team. In this capacity, she is responsible for driving world-class onsite training sessions and implementation to customers around the world. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.