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Introducing: Power Collaborator

Originally published July 2015

We’re pleased to introduce a new way for your team to collaborate: the Power Collaborator permission level.

We created the Power Collaborator permission level to fall between Collaborator and Administrator, to give project teams more control.

Power collaborators can:

  • Create, edit, and push annotations to master
  • Manage and close issues
  • Customize and edit all issue stamps

Power collaborators can not:

  • Rename or delete projects
  • Remove, edit, or manage project attachments
  • Upload sheets
  • Edit sheet names, tags, or descriptions
  • Add attachments to sheets via the upload process
  • Permanently delete project progress photos
  • Delete snapshots
  • Lock or unlock RFIs

Project Administrators alone can manage sheets and project teams. You can view all project members’ permission levels in the Team tab:

We’re thrilled to release this feature to all of our customers in order to help teams build confidently with PlanGrid. This was a difficult feature to build; because PlanGrid tracks the history of every annotation for transparency and accountability, permission levels are involved in almost every aspect of our software. We will always continue to tailor PlanGrid as a beautiful, simple, and valuable tool for the construction industry.

You can learn how to change your Collaborators to Power Collaborators here.


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