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How to: effortless progress photos

How to: effortless progress photos

Originally published February 2015

A PlanGrid user taking a progress photo during a PlanGrid Labs session

PlanGrid makes taking and sharing progress photos effortless.

  • First, navigate to the sheet that you’d like to add a photo to.
  • Tap on the camera icon to take a new photo (or select an existing photo on your tablet).
  • Tap ADD, and you’re done—repeat as needed.

Every photo pinned to PlanGrid is automatically synced with your project’s photo archive on, and tagged with who took it, when it was taken, and where it was pinned. This simplifies sorting and filtering your archive to find pictures later in the project.

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Emily VerMeulen

About the author: Emily is based out of San Francisco and is in charge of all of PlanGrid’s help content and videos. When she’s not working, she enjoys walking her two dogs and believing that her cats understand her.