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Case study: JP Cullen and PlanGrid punchlist

Case study: JP Cullen and PlanGrid punchlist

Originally posted December 2014

When the largest electronic medical records company in the world builds the largest auditorium in Wisconsin, you’re gonna need a punchlist tool that doesn’t mess around. When general contractor JP Cullen & Sons was hired to build an 11,400 seat, 5-story, Deep Space auditorium, Project Managers Pete Scharenbroch and Cory Huschka looked to PlanGrid to help both them and their subcontractors manage onsite issues.

The Deep Space Auditorium (image via

“We’d been doing punches the old-fashioned way using tape recorder and walking through the jobsite taking notes and then transcribing this into a spreadsheet” said Scharenbroch about the pre-PlanGrid era. “But with such a large project on such a short timelines, we knew we would need something cutting-edge to help our team get the job done.”

PlanGrid’s punchlist tool helped JP Cullen slash the time it took to do punchlists dramatically. They were able to utilize the customizable nature of PlanGrid’s stamps to track specific work issues. Plus, all the stamps placed on their blueprints automatically synchronized back to the cloud, so they could create the same punchlists spreadsheets in less than half the time it took before.

After a quick trial period, JP Cullen knew that PlanGrid would be their co-pilot forever. Scharenbroch adds, “It’s amazing how much it does with such little effort. For example, we would have 6–8 architects on-site doing punch lists in real time, and we could get same-day reporting out to our contractors. The pictures, assignment of issues — it’s helped our workflows so much. And — it’s easy to use!”

Most importantly — issue tracking isn’t just simple, it’s cost effective. Cory Huschka noted: “PlanGrid’s punchlist tool resulted in huge cost savings for us; on a large project like this it’s conceivable that you could save within six figures range.”

With the successful completion of the the auditorium, PlanGrid’s punchlist tool is now a formal part of the company’s operations.

Emily Tsitrian

About the author: Emily Tsitrian leads the Professional Services division at PlanGrid. She has worked in the IT implementation industry in various capacities for several years after graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics. She is based in San Francisco.