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5 PlanGrid features you may not be using

5 PlanGrid features you may not be using

1. Layers: The best way to see only what you want to see

Everyone has those sheets with over a hundred annotations that clutter up the drawing and make it difficult to quickly find what you need. Enter layers. Just select the annotations you want to see, create a layer, and voila! You can hide all of the annotation clutter, leaving a clean sheet with the just information you actually want. Protip: You can use master layers to streamline this process for your entire team!

Filter annotations on and off your plans to clean up your view.

2. Background colors and patterns: Personalize PlanGrid!

Have some fun with selecting your background color to truly make your PlanGrid experience unique. It’s easy to get tired of the plain background, so changing it to the camouflage or wooden background could give it that personal feel. Protip: It’s also a quick way to tell you if you’ve accidentally picked up the wrong iPad!

Add your own personal flair to PlanGrid!

3. Import progress photos (you still have to take the photo)

So, maybe you did a site walk and took a few photos on your iPad not using PlanGrid (don’t worry — we’ll spare you the lecture), but what do you do now? It’s actually not a problem at all. Go to add a photo like you normally would within PlanGrid, but when the camera comes up, just tap on the film roll icon. That will open up your iPad camera gallery and you can easily select those photos to add to your project.

Tap the photo roll icon to add photos from your iPad.

4. Attachment markup tool: Make quick RFI annotations

Does your RFI need an edit, or do you need to highlight something in the specs to ensure someone sees it? Just open up the attachment on the iPad, and you have a whole suite of markup tools to work with. Add or strike through text or add in a big ol’ “VOID” stamp. All of these markups can then be exported and sent out to anyone that needs to see it.

Dozens of options for annotating your attachments.

5. Recently viewed: Go right back to where you were

PlanGrid’s automatic hyperlinks are great. You can easily jump to a referenced sheet by tapping on it, but once you are there, how do you find your way back to where you were? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Just tap the “Recently Viewed” button from the current sheet. It will show you, in order, the most recent sheets you’ve visited, and selecting a sheet will jump you right back there.

PlanGrid’s “back” button.

Erica-Lee Lick

About the author: Erica joined PlanGrid in February 2014, and works with the Marketing team. Born in Canada and raised in Melbourne, Australia, she has a long and varied history in marketing, media, and advertising. Erica enjoys writing short biographies about herself and leaving parties early without saying goodbye.