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5 iPad features made for construction

5 iPad features made for construction

Steve Jobs wasn’t known as a construction software pioneer, but he changed the game for construction workers when Apple released the first iPad. Tablets — iPads in particular — work incredibly well for field construction in a variety of ways where desktop and laptop computers fell short.

So what is it about the iPad that makes it convenient for the field?


iPads are easy to use; primarily because there are no keyboards, mice, or other peripherals, and the user interface is simple. Everyone from newly minted Project Engineers to the most grizzled veteran Superintendents either already know how to use an iPad or can learn in a few hours. This makes it the perfect platform for purpose-built, user-friendly apps that make life easier for those out in the field.


iPads significantly reduce the number of things field workers need to carry. With an iPad, you can have your blueprints, a calculator, a camera, a notebook, your email, and more — all on one very portable device. No more lost notes, no more running back and forth to the trailer to check emails, and no more waiting for updated blueprints!


iPads put the world in the palm of your hand. If there is something you need to find fast, a quick Google search is only a few taps away. You can always have the most up to date project information with you in the field (drawings, change orders, RFIs, punch lists, and more) by syncing your projects throughout the day.


With the latest improvements in battery technology, your iPad can work all day on a single charge — so it’s always there when you need it. No need to head back to the trailer to boost it up throughout the day.


With access to the App Store, the iPad allows you and your team to make decisions about which apps they use each day. Ratings and reviews on apps give you insight into the experiences of others and help you to choose the right ones for you. Google Play Store works the same way, and with Android tablets becoming more prolific every day, we expect to see a rise in Android devices used for construction.

Both iPad Mini and the iPad Air work beautifully with PlanGrid. If you’re curious about what size iPad you should get for using PlanGrid, take a look at our storage recommendations. PlanGrid also offers a free iPad Mini with every 2-year Dozer subscription! For more information, email

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