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3 ways to ease your team into using construction apps

Today’s construction apps are improving existing processes and helping to save significant time and money. However, these apps are only effective if your team buys into them and uses them properly.

So, whether your team has a fear of technology or are just stuck in their ways, here are three tips to get them comfortable using your construction app.

1: Hands-on training

Require that everyone take training on how to use the construction app and the device it’s on. Many of the construction apps offer training webinars, videos and even one-on-one sessions.

At the same time, make sure the training is interactive, so the user isn’t simply watching someone else do it. Also, when possible, relate the training back to how the trainee will be using the app and device on the current project.

2: Create power users

Training is good, but once your crews are on site, they’ll inevitably have questions and you may not be around. Identify the employees that naturally pick up and embrace the app; those who during training are explaining things to the people next to them.

These are your “power users.” Make sure everyone is aware that if they have questions in the field, these power users can help.

Reinforce from the top

For most of us, the temptation is always there to slip back to the old way of doing things because it’s more familiar and seems easier. To combat this, you may need your superintendent and foremen to reinforce the use of the app to the team. With the mandate coming from them, you can follow up with the advantages so they understand why they have to do it a new way.

Have you had to get a project team up to speed with technology in the past? What tactics did you use to get buy-in? What obstacles did you come up against and how did you work past them? Share your experience in the comments below.


Emily Tsitrian

Emily Tsitrian is the Director of Consulting Services at PlanGrid where she oversees the consulting and training team. In this capacity, she is responsible for driving world-class onsite training sessions and implementation to customers around the world. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.