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Why architects love PlanGrid

Why architects love PlanGrid

Architects are among the most innovative and influential professionals in the construction industry — they adapt constantly because they need to. Take a look at the tools architects have adopted over the last three decades: drafting tables, AutoCAD commands, 3D-rendering platforms, BIM, and more… and the list continues to grow.

Prior to joining PlanGrid’s Business Development team, Ross worked as an architect in Chicago and San Francisco at a large commercial architecture firm that specialized in high-rise residential and institutional projects across the United States. Ross is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em), and loves talking architecture, seeing live music, and exploring cities.

That said, architects need to respond to the business landscape, too. Many clients are migrating towards design-build projects because it’s a faster and cheaper way to develop. The design and construction phases have leaner budgets and schedules, and efficiency is a top priority. Firms need to stay ahead of the technology curve, and more importantly, ahead of the competition.

Since taking giant leaps in technology, architects have been given plenty of desktop tools — but when it comes to mobile collaboration software for design and construction, we’ve been seriously lacking until PlanGrid. We’re on a mission to modernize the archaic parts of the construction industry, and the revolution is already well underway.

So why do architects love PlanGrid?

Simplified workflows

An average day for an architect is fragmented, especially during construction. Jumping around from PDF viewers, FTP sites, email, and software used by other disciplines is cumbersome. PlanGrid eliminates all of that by encompassing all of those tools in one place — for everyone involved.

Streamlined communications

Architects have traditionally been considered office professionals, since teams are usually more productive sharing the same workspace, servers, and drawings sets. As more people join a project, it becomes increasingly difficult to get everyone in one place (especially in different time zones). This is largely why cloud-based software is becoming so popular; everyone has access to the same information, no matter where they are.

Collaborating in real-time and on-the-go is easy with PlanGrid: reference precon items, specs, RFIs, submittals, and more, from any mobile device or computer. Mobile technology is becoming everyone’s preferred platform, and with it, productivity is increasing.

Happier clients = more clients

As everyone knows, transparency matters in construction. It builds trust, holds everyone accountable, and prevents awkward moments. PlanGrid is your communication outlet for all project stakeholders: full project visibility keeps the owner satisfied and helps you maintain a healthy, productive relationship with the contracting team.

Saving trees… and money!

Paper is everywhere at design firms: specs, contracts, RFP binders, 50% SDs, 90% CDs… it’s a never-ending mountain of bleached pulp. Spec books and full-sized drawing sets are heavy and expensive. Keeping your drawing sets and specs on PlanGrid will not only save paper and money, but give an impression to your clients that your firm is at the forefront of green technology.

A 300-page, full-size drawing set on PlanGrid can save a whole tree. 🙂

Shorter work weeks

In a profession where late nights are commonplace, using collaborative software like PlanGrid helps you get home earlier. There are moments where designers don’t feel like they are fulfilling their architectural duties, because they are so busy with administration. PlanGrid packages up all markups, photos, and field issues into one report for you to distribute to the team, saving you hours of work, and letting you focus on what you love: architecture.

Risk mitigation

Construction is all about C.Y.A. (or Covering Your Arse). In the unfortunate event of litigation after a project’s completion, PlanGrid leaves a clear digital trail that is easy to navigate. Most importantly, it holds all parties accountable, so there are no pointing fingers or tense situations.

Top architecture firms around the world are realizing the value of mobile technology, and are jumping aboard the PlanGrid train.

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