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Customer success story: CBG Building Company and PlanGrid

Customer success story: CBG Building Company and PlanGrid

CBG Building Company (CBG) is one of the nation’s largest multi-family general contractors.

For more than 20 years, CBG Building Company has specialized in the construction and real estate industries. It has built more than 60,000 homes and apartments across the United States, including housing units in mixed-use communities, luxury apartments, campus housing, military housing, senior living, and high-density apartments.

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The Situation

For years, CBG ran into issues with document control, keeping crews updated, revising prints, and managing hundreds of RFIs throughout a project. The company looked for ways to implement technology, but despite research, could not find a way to effectively accomplish the above.

So instead, CBG relied exclusively on paper plans and used a desktop-only platform to view and markup project blueprints. Workers were expected to walk back and forth to construction trailers to check details.

Without a technology to resolve the issues, the company was faced with:

  • Field workers building from outdated plans.
  • A $10,000 printing budget for each project.
  • Poor communication between field workers and architects.
  • No easy way to process dozens of revisions and hundreds of RFIs.

The Plan

In the summer of 2012, Dave Brown, project executive at CBG, was researching iPads and came across PlanGrid.

PlanGrid co-founders Tracy and Ralph visited a CBG worksite to give a demo of their construction management software. Brown realized very quickly that it was the best solution to ease his team off of paper prints to a construction management solution.

After Brown decided to implement the app, he said it spread very quickly throughout CBG’s 150-person team.

PlanGrid Rollout

The CBG team adopted PlanGrid quickly, and now every employee in the company uses it daily.

Brown said the team had general “can you make it do this” questions, which he was always able to direct to the PlanGrid team.

Since implementing PlanGrid, CBG has established an open line of communication. Thanks to the company’s valuable input and desire to make the tool better, PlanGrid has implemented some of CBG’s suggestions.


After the initial introduction of PlanGrid, CBG now uses the construction management tool as a standard on almost every project. Since adopting the tool, CBG has noticed the following changes.

  • Improved organization and document control.
  • Two weeks of wasted time cut from each standard project.
  • Better communication and collaboration throughout the team.
  • Reduced rework.
  • Significantly decreased spending on printing: from nearly $10,000 per project, to around $5,000.

“PlanGrid has changed the way CBG handles document control and has put us at the forefront of construction technology in our market.” — Dave Brown, project executive, Clark Builders Group

“Our trailer was a block away, and PlanGrid on my iPad allowed me to have constant plan access, whereas other superintendents had to run back constantly to check details.” — Clara Watson, assistant project manager, Clark Builders Group

“We didn’t have to pay to print new drawings and we also didn’t have to pay to redo work that was a result of building off of outdated drawings.” — Clara Watson

Originally published on May 11, 2015